1. Need Some Clampy Advice? Try the Spartacus Clamp Chain

    Spartacus Nipple Clamps and Clit Clamp With Chain

    The other day a friend was asking me what the strangest toy I've tested and enjoyed in the line of duty - this is not an unusual conversation, to be honest, I could just about print out response cards - and they were quite surprised when I said that I found a clit clamp as being the most unexpectedly enjoyable.

    Had I never seen a clamp on sale, I never would have picked it up, so I'm happy to spread the word to people who might otherwise think they're not for them. Rather than being excruciatingly painful and awkward to use, I found that it really increased sensation in a most enjoyable way. And as is nearly always the case, the good soldiers over at the Orgasm Army have tips galore:

    • Buy one that gives a decent squeeze but that's easy to remove (cleo clips tend to be a bit fiddly for me, so I avoid them).

    • Don't put it on til you're decently turned on - your pain threshold is higher the closer to orgasm you get.

    • The longer you can leave it on the better, try to leave it 5 minutes on a first go and time it so you put it on 5 minutes from your orgasm.

    • As you crest your orgasm, open the clip and pull it off.

    • The sensation is intense as the blood rushes back to your clit.

    • You could try it out with a clothespin before buying a clamp to see if you like it. However, some clothespins have a bit of a bite to them, so try it out on a nipple first!

    • Happy clipping!!

    Small and usually inexpensive (unless you go for full on clit jewellery, which can be both stunning and pricey), there is no reason to not give a clit clamp a go - you might end up just as pleasantly surprised as I did. These are good ones to try: Adjustable Clit Clamp with Bell and the Cleopatra's Pleasure Clip.

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