1. Reader Tips: If you're married, make a romantic date - and have great sex.

    A Bed of Roses

    Lovehoney readers reveal their favourite sex tips…

    If you're married, make a romantic date - and then have great sex.

    Sometimes this is necessary for those of you who have kids and need to schedule time together. Just planning a romantic get together can get you in the mood for best sex ever.

    Also try coloured light bulbs (blue makes your skin look smooth and purple intensifies orgasms…) or light scented candles for romantic atmosphere. Flowers are a great way to add romance.

    Put some bouquets around the house or your room and put some petals on your sheets or in your bath.

    A peppermint foot bath and rub is a great way to pamper your lover. Don't forget to put lotion all over their feet at the end and dry with a warm towel.

    Try putting the towel in the dryer on low for a few minutes first. Turn off cell phones, pagers, telephones, computers or anything else that might be a distraction or interruption.

    Leave a sexy note or a Sex Coupon in your lover's pocket, on the seat of their car, under their pillow or any place they might find it. Outline what you are going to do to him/her as soon as you see him.

    Men are aroused visually - put on some sexy lingerie, wait for him to come home and give him your sexiest smile.

    Call your lover at work and tell them what you are going to do to them the minute they get home. Coming right out and telling someone you want them is one of the hottest, sexiest things you can do. Add a little romance in your life and your sex will be much better!