1. Week of Berman's Hidden Gems: Juno Weighted Pelvic Exerciser

    Berman Center Juno Weighted Pelvic Exerciser

    I have recently had the good fortune to speak on the phone with Dr. Laura Berman, of the Berman Institute, to get her opinion on all things sex toy related. She was just as warm and intelligent as you would assume from a woman who is head of one of the most couple-friendly, woman-centred sex toy companies. Look for the interview to show up next week, but in the meantime, I thought I would focus this week on four hidden gems from the Berman Institute line - no reviews have popped up for these toys yet, so they are just begging to become our next favourite toy.

    This week: Berman Center Juno Weighted Pelvic Exerciser

    A slightly sneaky addition to the list of hidden gems with this one, because this is actually on my Buy Soon list. I already own the Isis Beginner Pelvic Exerciser, and I love it. So I know from which I speak when I tell you that it's a good bet to grab a pelvic exerciser from this line. The Isis is unweighted and makes for a challenging workout on its own, so I am quite intrigued to see what the Juno can do. I'm thinking that after a couple of weeks of using it, you should be able to open beer bottles without using your hands. Unrealistic? Maybe. But we should all have goals.

    Like the other toys in this line, the Juno comes with full instructions (including jolly diagrams) and a lovely lavender bag that makes it possible to leave this little guy out in plain view without anyone knowing you've been lifting weights in your spare time.