1. Japanese Approved: Tenga Male Masturbators

    Tenga Hard Rolling Head Cup

    Over my spring break, I had a friend visit me from the US - he was doing a big world tour and had just spent some time in Japan. Over wine one evening, we got to talking about the male masturbators that have been created over there - meant to be used once, and looking like a wee can… this is normal conversation, right?

    I was all over curious about them, as I had yet to meet someone who had actually used one and I had to know how they stood up against the Fleshlight that everyone loves. I was just tickled pink when he went on and on about how fabulous it was. Big hand gestures, raised voice level of excitement - he asked if I wanted him to write a blog on it, he loved them so much. Instead, I present you with one of the glowing reviews coming out on the Tenga. And be sure to check out the entire range - they're all slightly different:

    "I love this product! Such deep suck action!

    Perfect for those lonely nights.

    Remove the plastic wrapping from the top and bottom along the perforations. Remove the silver sticker on the top. That reveals the air hole for you to adjust level of suction you require.

    Unscrew the cap from the bottom part of the unit and set aside, this reveals the entrance for your hard cock to slide deep inside. No need to lube up before hand as it contains a silky lube throughout inside.

    Inside it has a firm jelly lining with assorted nodules, etc, for maximum stimulation. This particular model 'Rolling Head Cup' has a foam ball at the top to enable stimulation of the head as you stroke up and down, and also rolling the top part around the head of your dick. It replicates the feeling of when your lady is on top rolling on your hard penis. Gripping and sucking deeply. Orgasmic!

    When finished with using the product, remove it from your nob, screw the cap back onto the bottom onto the unit, and dispose of. Easy! :)

    The lube washes off easy with water.

    The products are designed to be used once and once only.

    I hope you get as much pleasure from using this as I did. "