1. Lovehoney Sex Tips Competition - The Lowdown!

    A big thank you to everyone who entered the Lovehoney Sex Tips Competition. As always we were astounded by the quality of the tips (or should that be the wondrous workings of your erotic imaginations?!)

    Now that the overall winner has been notified (we'll be publishing their tip shortly) and all of the prizes sent, I thought I'd share some facts and stats on the competition. Take note, they may come in useful next time!

    We received a total of 330 tips - 110 of which received prizes (not a bad ratio I think you'll agree.)

    The most common reason for rejecting a tip was that the entrant had forgotten to add their name and / or postal address to their Orgasm Army record. With so many tips to choose from it was impossible to email each person to check their addresses, plus we had stated in the rules that we required full details. Sorry chaps - no address, no prize!

    Ice, hot drinks and mint of any description proved a bit of a turn-off this time, too. Yes they all work, but when 51 people suggest the same thing I'm afraid it loses its edge! Ditto pearl hand jobs, alphabet oral or getting your partner drunk!

    That said, there were plenty of tips that left me hot under the collar, so much so in fact that a few of them will be featured here in the future. They're so good, it would be rude not to share!