1. How a Sex Toy Blogger Spends Her Evening

    How a Blogger Spends Her Evening

    So I know what you're thinking. "Boy, McBirdie, I bet your evenings are glamorous affairs, full of excitement, prestige, and sexiness - you are, after all, a Sex Toys Blogger, and they are by nature a glamorous peoples."

    Peeps, I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you. In reality, I have spent the past couple of hours or so squishing the unbelievably soft balls attached to the Japanese Motorised Control Cock and seeing how well he wears a French Tickler. I can tell you that he wears it quite handsomely - like he is proud of his wee spiky cap - but also that if you're going to enjoy him, hat and all, you better do it within the first hour as he starts to eat through the condom bottom of the Tickler. Silicone toys, dontchaknow. But now I can tell you how many different ways you can use the Control Cock, so the evening was well spent.

    I mentioned to a friend earlier this week that I had a stack of sex toys in my living room that I needed to get through - his eyes lit up with all the panting excitement that the image of a woman engaging in living room rug debauchery can arouse. It really saddened me to have to burst his little bubble with reality - that I often sit here on the couch, fully clothed, squeezing a Rabbit to see how much pressure you can put on it before it stops rotating, or leaving a Vibrating Egg running on full power to see how long you can play before batteries run dead, or licking the bejesus out of a flavour-lube covered forearm to see how much Tart Apple flavour one can ingest before one starts feeling less sexy and more vomity.

    All this I do for love. Also, because it warms my heart to see a cock properly be-hatted. Come back over the next few days to see what my stack-o-tests has produced; including some more in-depth discussion of my fabulous Japanese Cocky friend.

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    • Medusa: April 06, 2008 15:35
      I can sympathise with the less glamorous aspects of sex toy reviewing, although I find it often gives rise to amusing anecdotes. See http://writing-sex.blogspot.com/