1. Want Your Nipples Sucked? Orgasm Army Can Help

    Pink Nipple Suckers

    Time and again, Orgasm Army manages to answer any and all sex toy questions that users throw at them. This time, itomcat wants to know about nipple suckers:

    "Has anyone had much play with rubber suckers or similar. Are they good / painful for nipples?"

    Private Lick had reviewed the Pink Nipple Suckers shown in the picture and definitely gives them two thumbs up:

    "They're day-glow pink, soft plastic, and the ball bit is about the size of a golf ball. They're a piece of cake to use, just squeeze the air out, plonk them down over your nips and let suction do the rest! Depending on how much air you've squeezed out the suction can be soft or quite strong so you're either gently teased or gloriously tortured!

    They're ideal for anyone whose nipples are too small for them to use nipple clamps during any pain-play. They look absolutely hilarious bobbing about while you're being shagged, especially if your tits are on the large side, but they do exactly what they're supposed to, so who cares? Try not to leave them on too long or you'll end up with purple nipples!

    Squeezing the air in and out of them does give a passable sucking sensation, leaving your hands free (or someone else's!) to play elsewhere. To make it feel a little more realistic I recommend smearing a little bit of lube around the inside of the suction cup, and rotating the suckers slightly while squeezing. The missus played with them for a good hour last night, fascinated by them. That's a top recommendation because she normally has the attention span of a goldfish!"

    She even goes on to recommend using them on your clit, which is definitely an interesting idea - bless those ingenious soldiers!

    Further tips can be found on the original forum, but do make sure you take a look at all the nipple sucky/clampy options floating around. If your nipples haven't been getting enough attention of late, there is a solution out there just a click away.

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