1. 5 reasons why you should you buy a Fleshlight male sex toy today

    The Pink Lady Fleshlight with the original insert is the most popular choice for first-timers Ever since that episode of Sex And The City made the orgasmic power of the Rabbit Vibrator world-famous, women have been enjoying better orgasms than ever before.

    Us men, though, have been left on the masturbatory sidelines, struggling through with jars of Vaseline and the odd old sock.

    Just not fair, is it?

    No more! The Fleshlight male masturbator does for men what the rabbit vibrator did for women.

    Having sex with a Fleshlight is like nothing you've ever tried before. The Fleshlight delivers amazingly powerful orgasms for men thanks to its unique design and patented material.

    Top 5 reasons for buying a Fleshlight today…

    1 You're in control
    Whenever you want, however you like, the Fleshlight sexual gratification alternative is there to fulfill your sexual fantasies and meet your desires.

    2 Nothing is closer to the real thing
    The soft, pliable, non-vibrating Real Feel Super Skin sleeve is designed to provide the most realistic intercourse simulation known to man. Quite simply, it's the best wank you've ever had.

    3 Improve stamina & performance
    Whether you're a real Casanova or just a rookie to the game, there is always room for improvement. Test your skills, practise new techniques, and test how long you can last in one of our specially designed Stamina Training Unit inserts, created for maximum sensation.

    4 Practise safe sex
    The Fleshlight was created in part, to address the risks associated with promiscuity, the spread of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), and unwanted pregnancy. Whether you're having trouble finding a safe partner or waiting for the right one to come along, the Fleshlight offers a a safe and satisfying means for expressing your sexuality.

    5 Lifetime of pleasure
    With proper use and care, your Fleshlight and Fleshlight inserts will last you a lifetime. If only it were that easy with real sexual partners?

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