1. Top 5 Sex And The City Web Sites

    If you need another fix of Sex And The City before the Sex And The City Movie hits out cinema screens, treat yourself to a spin round some of the excellent Sex And The City TV series Web sites. We've rounded up 5 of the best, including the official HBO site for the series which is enough to bring a tear to the eye as you fondly remember those ridiculously puffy skirts and stupidly impractical shoes.

    HBO: Sex And The City
    HBO's official Sex And The City web site has detailed episode guides, fashion information, a merchandise store, character guides, trivia quizzes, screensavers and a forum where you can discuss Sex An The City characters, fashion and fvourite moments. But what's this in the home page's Meta Description: "The homepage for HBO's Sex in the City official website." "Sex IN the City"! They can't even get the name of their own programme right!

    Sex And The City Quickies
    More than just a great guide to the series, this is an excellent site that goes under the duvet with the Sex And The City girls to bring you love lessons from each episode of Sex And The City. Add quotes, games and an entertaining series of animated shorts, and you've got one of the best Sex And The City sites on the Web. Don't forget to take the quiz to find out which man from Sex And The City would be your best match.

    Sex And The City Wikipedia
    A good reference guide in one page, packed with Sex And The City trivia, links, quotes and references. Perfect reading if you're expecting a Sex And The City round in your next pub quiz, but usual you-can't-trust-everything-you-read-on-it Wikipedia caveats apply.

    Sex And The City Fan Sites
    A good-looking site that's regularly updated with news of what the cast are up to in their real lives, links to hundreds of Sex And The City photos, including 24 of Mr Big actor Chris Noth. That's more that enough reasons to visit in our book (The Big Book Of Reasons To Visit A Sex And The City Fan Site).

    Sex And The City Tours
    Not an information site as such, more a travel agent that offers tours of Sex And They City hotpots in New York. More than 40 locations are covered and a three-and-a-half hour guided bus tour. "Visit the restaurants where they wine and dine, the shops at the center of Carrie Bradshaw's shoe fetish, the bars they frequent, and much more!"

    Sex And The City Fan
    You could be forgiven for thinking that "Sex And The City Fan" would be getting all hot under the collar with the imminent release of a film based on their favourite-ever series. But no. No entries in the Sex And The City blog since September last year. Boo.

    Carrie's Diary
    A great-looking site that suffers from the same problem. No information about the movie because they're probably watching Desperate Housewives. Or Dexter. Or something. Double boo.