1. Top 5 Sex And The City Movie Web Sites

    The long wait is nearly over! "Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are back - don't miss the movie debut of Manhattan's fabulous foursome as they continue their quest for true love, hot sex and the perfect pair of slingbacks."

    The Sex And The City Movie will hit UK cinema screens on 30 May. We're wondering whether women will turn up waving their Sex And The City Rabbit Vibrators in solidarity. Until the big day, here are the best Sex And The City movie Web sites to give you a fix of Carrie and co…

    Sex And The City: The Movie Official Site
    Get the low-down on the plot, meet the cast and crew, browse the fashions in the photo gallery, check out the trailer and download wallpaper and screensavers for your computer. Note that it's a really weird sideways scrolling design that you might not even notice unless you drag your mouse to the side of the screen.

    Sex And The City: The Movie IMDB
    The Internet Movies Database (originally The Cardiff Internet Movies Database, trivia fans!) is the epicentre of online movie information. Its section on the Sex And The City Movie section has all the cast and crew facts, stills from the filming, trivia and a good discussion board where fans are chatting about the movie and the series.

    Sex And The City: The Movie Trailer
    The movie trailer is available on YouTube (where else) so we've put it here for you to enjoy as well. No sign of that infamous rabbit vibrator though. Will the wedding have a happy ending?

    Sex And The City Movie Blog
    Regular (if not quite daily) updates from a Sex And The City fan who's monitoring every flutter of the eyelash, magazine appearance and movie gossip. Warning: potential spoilers, so visit with one eye closed just in case there's something on the home page that you don't want to find out. Site's a bit slow to load, so do be patient. :-)

    Sex And The City Movie Spoilers
    Don't visit this site unless you want to find out that Carrie doesn[SNIP!]

    Sex And The City: The Movie Wikipedia
    Of course, you can't trust everything that you read on Wikipedia, but you know that enough of it is approximately right to give you some factoids to take to the wine bar. Unfortunately, the Wiki doesn't add much more that you can't find at IMDB - or even on this page. Boo.

    Yes, OK, we listed 6 sites, but only the first 5 were any good.

    PS Don't forget your Sex And The City Rabbit Vibrator.