1. Golden Girl Great For First Time Anal Sex

    Golden Girl Anal Jelly

    In general, I'm not one for an anal lube that has any desensitising agent in it - I would far prefer that you take your time, relax, and ease into anal play. And I would still remind you that if you use a product that numbs you a bit, you need to be extra aware of everything that is going on with yourself and your partner, as it will less easy to notice any damage that is going on.

    That said, however, Golden Girl Anal Jelly is getting such great reviews that I really do have to mention it here, I think.

    With four reviews and a five star rating, this is definitely a lube that is working for some people. You can see all of the reviews here at Orgasm Army, but here are some of the highlights:

    Long lasting, no need to keep topping up so you're free to enjoy yourself.

    Would like a larger tub.

    Bottom Line

    Will buy this product again, made my first anal experiences much easier.

    "My partner purchased this from Lovehoney, it was my first time in trying anal sex, and my partner used his fingers first so I could get a feel of it and they went in really easily which was quite surprising. As that bit went so well, we decided to do it full on and it went in easily, was the slightest bit painful which is expected."


    "My wife has always had a mild interest in anal activity but has been reticent about pursuing her anal interests mostly through fear of pain and discomfort. Until we discovered Golden Girl Anal Jelly that is. She now relishes the naughtiness and extreme intimacy we experience through anal intercourse and she has become a great fan of Golden Girl. Our relationship was always brilliant but this Jelly has helped take it to a new level. The closeness we now experience is truly amazing. I just hope the neighbours can't hear her screaming "fuck my arse". They would be very surprised at how such a demure and gentle woman could immerse herself in such pursuits."

    So if you've hesitated to try anal out before because of concerns about pain or discomfort, this might be just the thing for you to try. I cannot emphasise enough, though, that if you feel real pain then you should slow down or stop. Things are much more enjoyable when both partners are having a good time.

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