1. What IS the Best Condom in THE WORLD?

    Durex Ribbed Condoms

    I make no promises that the shown Durex Ribbed Condoms are, in fact, the best in the world (in all honesty, this is one of the condoms that divides opinions between love and hate), but since I like them and I write the blog, I choose the picture. Them's the rules.

    If you want a slightly more democratic selection, though, an old forum topic on what the members consider to be has woken back up - and for those of you out there looking to change condoms, or who aren't sure which to choose first, it is a plethora of useful insight.

    Some of these condoms that are getting rave reviews I've never even tried, so there is always something to be learned.

    From the forum:

    "I absolutely love the Durex Pleasuremax ones, the are a little bigger than Mates and my partner says this makes all the difference. The raised dots are great, sometimes I feel them more if I'm more turned on.

    Have tried the Performa too and found these aren't that great at what they say they do, but again, the size is good for boyfriend!"


    "As part of my job I give condoms out and by far the most popular is Durex Pleasuremax. Unfortunately because I'm vegan I can only use Condomi condoms which are a little harder to put on but I'd have to say that their stimulation ones are pretty good!"

    If you're looking for help - or if you've got a number one best condom to suggest - head on over to the Orgasm Army forums. They're free to join and you would be amazed at what you can learn. In the meantime, if you wanted to have a browse around the condoms available at Lovehoney, this is where you start.

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