1. 1 in 3 Women Seeking Sex with Strangers Says Metro

    Toy Joy His and Her Blindfolds

    The Metro published an article on the rising trend of women to set up NSA (No Strings Attached) sexual assignations.

    Their stats came from a study released by the internet dating site Dating Direct (of course, one could wonder at what sort of bias would be involved in such a business doing the 'study', but let's just run with it, yes?), who made the 1-in-3 claim for single women.

    While some say it is a liberating thing, as women clearly have equal sex drives to men (individual men and women may vary, naturally), others question if it will end badly.

    Fears of over-attachment, being considered "easy", and personal safety are all issues to be considered.

    But with the right attitude and precautions? Could be convenient, well-informed fun (can you imagine the sheer joy of being able to tell a guy upfront what you need in bed and having that be a basis of whether or not you go to bed with him, rather that hoping for the best with the guy you like? It's like ordering a burger at Burger King):

    According to Dr Pam Spurr, psychologist and author of Sensational Sex, the women fall into two camps. 'On the one hand, you have the younger women, the Ibiza generation, for whom sex is a pastime,' says Spurr. 'Then there are the slightly older, career-oriented women. It is a way for them to command what actually happens – to say to someone: "I have to be stimulated for an hour otherwise I won't orgasm." It's a way to satisfy their desires when perhaps they don't have the time to nurture a relationship.'

    Good sex is good fun, but do make sure you're paying attention to your other needs as well. It may not be as cool to talk about, but we all need love and acceptance as much as we need a good shag, so if it isn't working for you, don't feel like you have to do it to earn your stripes as a "Sexually Liberated Woman". Because, really, SLW know that they can also take care of their needs on their own… which is why I keep a bedside drawer stocked with needful items…

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