1. Sex Toys and Sex Tips with Alan Titchmarsh

    If, like us, you're at work all day long, you probably don't often get the chance to catch The Alan Titchmarsh Show on ITV on weekday afternoons. That's a real shame because Alan has taken it upon himself to explore the exciting world of sex toys.

    With resident sex expert Julie Peasgood, Alan has tackled sex games, saucy gifts, erogenous zones, sexercise and saucy gifts. In one memorable episode, he even discussed olive oil and breasts - and all before teatime.

    Lovehoney is happy to keep Alan and Julie (and house hunk Tommy) supplied with a fun variety of sex toys and naughty games. If you've seen something on the show that you like the look of, you can see it on our special Alan Titchmarsh sex toys page.

    And if you've never seen The Titcher tickling someone with a feather duster, head over to the Alan Titchmarsh TV Show Web site without further ado. (But don't forget to come back and buy something.)

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    • Ruth: March 10, 2008 13:37
      The delectable Alan AND Tommy - Julie Peasgood is a very lucky lady!
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