1. Book of the Month Extract - Black Lace Quickies 1

    Black Lace Quickies 1

    Excited by the idea of erotic fiction but not sure where to start? The Lovehoney Erotic Book Club Book of the Month for March, Black Lace Quickies 1, is the perfect book to whet your appetite, with six stories specially picked from Black Lace's bestselling Wicked Words series to demonstrate just what erotic fiction can do for you!

    Other reviewers have had nothing but praise for the Wicked Words series - Romantic Times described them as 'filled with hard-hitting, mouth-watering, sizzling-hot action', Scarlet called them 'intelligent, horny and diverse', and Forum reckons they're 'in tune with your desires!'

    And if that's not enough for you, check out the following extract from one of the featured stories, in which Emma turns the tables on a former lover:

    Standing before him in her white coat, she said: 'I'm your doctor. And I want to physically examine you.'

    'Emma, you -'

    She silenced him with a sharp tilt of her head. 'It's Dr Cooper to you. And first, you should bring me a drink … waiter,' she said, and she let her gaze idle up and down his demeaning restaurant uniform.

    Jon opened his mouth slowly, his eyebrows raised. She held her ground. She knew - or at least, she hoped she knew - that he couldn't resist a dare. The silence hung between them. She could hear her own breath.

    'Gin and tonic?' he said. His voice was strangely meek.

    'Ice and a slice,' she replied, nodding to the kitchen.

    By the time he had returned bearing her drink she had undone the top buttons of her coat, revealing the skin between her breasts down to just above her belly button. She accepted the drink and took a gulp, savouring the bitter cool liquid in her throat, before saying: 'Undress.'


    'I said undress.'

    Again his eyes flickered, but he was intrigued now. He stared at her, appreciatively, admiring the contrast between her sensible white coat and the exposed flesh it revealed, as he undid his tie and slowly took off his shirt. She inhaled deeply at the sight of his chest, the line of dark hairs that ran down from mid-chest past his navel to his groin like a road map. He paused then, half-naked, but she raised an eyebrow and that was enough. Obediently, he unbuckled his belt, took off his trousers, shoes and socks and stood before her in his boxer shorts, which, she noted approvingly, were straining at the fly.

    'Those too,' she said.

    His half-smile was rueful but he complied, pulling his boxers off, and he presented himself for her, stripped, his erection quivering slightly as it stood up before him. She eyed him from a professional distance and took another slug of her drink, keeping an ice cube in her mouth.

    Then, in a slow casual movement, she stepped forwards, bending from the waist and took his cock between her lips, running her tongue along the underside, letting the ice cube run with her. Jon gasped and shuddered, clasped her head, but Emma shook him off and after one quick up-down stroke, let him go, stood upright and spat the ice cube back into her glass.

    'I want you to kneel, Mr Adams,' she said, becoming more aware of the nagging between her legs. He did as he was told, his lengthy cock bouncing almost comically. She set down her drink and slowly unbuttoned her white coat all the way down, revealing a long bare strip of her body, from collarbone to stomach to the neat strip of her pubic hair to the ripe flesh that bulged over her black stocking tops.

    Emma moved away from him slowly until she could lean back against her living room wall, and then she spread her legs to reveal herself, stepping ot of first one high heel, then the other, then tipping her pelvis out and reaching down to part herself for him with the fingers of one hand. With her other hand, she reached up to hold onto the stethoscope that hung round her neck.

    'I want you to stick out your tongue,' she said, 'and say "ah".'

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