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  1. Want! Karmasheetra Kama Sutra Positions Bed Sheet

    Karmasheetra Kama Sutra Positions Bed Sheet

    And so begins the season of new products coming to Lovehoney that fill me with burning desire and a desperation to own - I don't know what cycle the new purchasing at LH is on, but I know the site is suddenly chock-full of items that are innovative, sexy, or just darned needed.

    I love the thought behind these Karmasheetra Bed Sheets - like the Twister duvet before it, the Karmasheetra manages to make putting linens onto your bed into something a whole lot more fun. I want to own this if only for the jolliness of the little butt prints.

    From the pictures, there aren't too many positions to try out - it looks like about seven--but that doesn't change the fun of those positions. I love the idea that you can try out new positions without having to go through the misery of explaining what you want - has anyone ever successfully explained wanting to try out the more advanced positions without falling back on hand gestures and elaborate diagrams? With these, you just pick a number and go to town.

    They fit a standard double bed, but they also look like flat sheets, so if you're lucky enough to have a larger bed, you can still make them work for you. Or use it on the floor if you don't have back problems. Or… if you do have back problems. I can never remember if the hard surfaces are considered good or bad. Don't take medical advice from a sex toy blogger, peeps! Not ever!

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    • nick: March 01, 2009 20:42
      i am very suprised that there are no posts for bondage and fetish.bondage for my self and my wife is just as enjoyable as anal and other things that we do i hope by putting this first post on this subject will encourage others who are trying bondage for the first time of perhaps you have been into bondage for a dont be shy any hints and tips you can give for first times would be great or if indeed you are a first timer please ask and if i can be of any help i will do my best for you


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