1. How to have great sex forever...

    When it comes to sex, and more importantly how to get it right, everyone has an opinion. Everyone has their own experiences, bad, good and mind-blowing, which invariably means there is no single, definitive answer on how to have great sex.

    You can get specific tips on anal sex, strap-on sex, oral sex, fetishes, bondage and S&M. You can get tips on sex toys and how best to use them, on lubricants and erotic supplements and how they can help you achieve orgasm and have incredible sex. You can even get tips on creating a romantic mood, preventing STI's and promoting general sexual health.

    But the one tip people keep asking for over and over again is the 'how to have great sex forever'. And for that there's a million different answers, but only one that will really stand the test of time: communication and experimentation.

    As boring as it sounds, the only way to ensure your sex life stands the test of time is by communicating with your lover. You need to be incredibly honest with each other about every facet of your sexual relationship and you need to evolve your sexual relationship by experimenting – tell each other what you like, what you don't like, talk about fantasies and fetishes you want to try, new sex positions, and toys, erotic DVDs and books that will continue to enhance and develop your sex life.

    Once you're able to communicate honestly and openly with your lover, you'll be on track to having and maintaining the most enriching sex life you've ever had.

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