1. Orgasm boosters for men

    Penis Balm Orgasm BoosterIf your man needs a little kick-start to bring about an orgasm, there is help at hand

    Just like those of us women who sometimes find it difficult to orgasm through masturbation or penetrative sex, there are many men who also have a little trouble actually climaxing.

    Stress, booze and cigarette abuse and junk food lifestyles can all take their toll on a man's libido, affecting his confidence and his ability to orgasm. But now you can give your lover some help in that department with a range of orgasm boosting products.

    We love the Penis Balm Orgasm Booster, a silky pot of orgasmic balm that blends natural extracts to enhance your lover's sexual performance and help bring him closer to orgasm. You could even apply it for him, by gently rubbing the balm into the tip of his penis and along the shaft.

    If you want something a little more potent, the Durex Play Mint Tingle Personal Lubricant is a tingle-tastic top-quality personal lubricant from Durex that gives you both a tingling minty feeling where it matters most.

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