1. For the Serious Lovers - Bonker Extreme Double Sex Positions Swing

    Bonker Extreme Double Sex Positions Swing

    Like anyone who has thought about sex toys and sex in general as much as I do on a daily basis, I have often pondered the sex swing idea.

    There is definitely something appealing about the idea of weightless (or nearly) movement in bed - just think how long you could last if no one started to get tired or had a leg start to cramp up!

    But the more serious ones involved too much bolting and commitment to developing an "I! Have! Sex!" bedroom decor and the less serious ones seemed too flimsy.

    After all, what is the fun of putting up a sex swing if only one of you is small enough to be on it?

    But now I find myself intrigued by this - unlike a regular swing, the Bonker Extreme Double Sex Positions Swing spans completely across the bed and has four total straps and handles and two seats.

    I think the manufacturer's video provided didn't do the product justice. I'm not particularly creative and I have already come up with about five possible positions they didn't showcase (seriously, each pair of supports can hold 350 lbs - the fact that they didn't hoist the man up in the air more often was just a waste).

    Unfortunately, it's a bit out of my price range at least until I decide to treat myself grand style, so if any of you are lucky enough to get one, please let me know how it works out. I want to know how high up on my wish list to put it…

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    • chris german: May 15, 2010 00:18
      Dang did my ex-gal have some fun with the bunkum & can i say getting both sets is a whole better thing than just the one of them lol
      must save & see if i can get a couple more for future pleasure !

      Really recommend them both, dvd also to give ya'll a idea..

      Great fun & hours & hours of it !

      Bonkum..... Good show !

      x X x

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