1. Great sex positions: The Knee Bend

    Even though your leg muscles may get quite tired in this position, it'll be well worth it!

    This is a wonderful position that allows for deliciously deep penetration and intense stimulation of your clitoris and breasts.

    Ask your man to kneel on the bed, while you lie in front of him on your back. Bring your knees up to your chin and place your feet on each of his shoulders as he penetrates you. Your man should then hold onto your shins to help keep you in position as he starts to thrust.

    With your pelvis tilted upwards, your clitoris is exposed to the max, meaning lots of lovely friction to make you come. Your man can always get carried away with thrusting you, making it a powerful position for him because he's well positioned on the bed and can use his thighs and legs as a springboard.

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