1. 5 Sex Products That Should Have Lickable Adverts

    The Wall Street Journal (not a regular read for me, admittedly) brings news that Welch's grape juice is going to be advertised with a lickable advert.

    Needless to say, this got us to thinking which Lovehoney products we'd like to see advertised with a peel-and-lick off-the-page promo.

    Succulent Fruity Boobs
    5 Succulent Fruity Boobs
    Lip-smacking fruity splendour would have magazine readers sticking out their tongues faster than you can say "I wish your nipples tasted like this."

    ID Juicy Lube
    4 ID Juicy Lube
    This mega-popular flavoured lube comes in 11 flavours. That's a whole lotta lickin' you've got to do.

    Chocolate Body Paint
    3 Chocolate Body Paint
    Feeling low? A bit depressed? Reach for a copy of your favourite magazine, flick to the Chocolate Body Paint advert and have a whiff and a lick to send your serotonin levels off the scale.

    Peppermint Peckers
    2 Peppermint Peckers
    Heartily amusing mint-flavoured advertising beckons with the Peppermint Peppers - make it a pop-up ad for extra fun.

    Vulva Real Vagina Scent
    1 Vulva Real Vagina Scent
    It smells just like the real thing, so they might as well make it taste like it too.