1. Let your lover shave your pubic hair

    Here's a novel idea for this Valentine's Day: take the strain off yourself and let your lover shave your pubic hair for you

    There's nothing sexier for men than to see their girlfriend's vagina close-up, let alone wielding a razor upon it to make it silky smooth. If you can trust your guy to shave your pubic hair and not cut you to shards, then this could be an unusual act of foreplay for you to engage in tonight. Plus, you get the added bonus of a smooth vagina without having to do a single thing!

    Shaving your pubic hair is going to be very different from your man shaving his face, so be sure to tell him exactly how sensitive your skin is down there and to be extra careful when shaving in and around your, ahem, flaps of skin.

    Whatever you do, don't let him use his old Bic razor on you. Not only should you have a clean, unused razor to hand, but you really need to buy a razor designed with women in mind, such as the Wilkinson Sword Soliel razors, Boot's Bikini Line shavers or the Intuition Lady razor. Each disposable and extremely cheap to buy.

    Next, forgo his Nivea For Men shaving gel and grab yourself a King Of Shaves Woman Shave gel. It's pink in colour with some gorgeous little exfoliating particles to help soften any stubborn pubic hairs when rubbed over the area that's to be shaved.

    If you're currently sporting a full bush and your lover wants to completely landscape your downstairs garden, then he needs to trim away the majority of the length of your pubic hair by using a comb and a small pair of trimming scissors. This will save your razor from getting clogged up with tons of long pubes.

    After he's trimmed you, soak in the bath for 10 minutes to expand the pores on your pubic skin, making the hairs easier to shave off. Your man should now apply your shaving gel and start shaving your pubic hair following the same direction of its growth – don't let him shave against the direction of your normal hair growth unless you are well-protected by shaving gel and he goes extra carefully.

    Once he's finished styling your downstairs creation, let him rinse you down with cool water to close your pores and avoid nasty red bumps and irritation forming. He can then take great pleasure in applying a baby lotion to your pubic region and naughty bits!