1. Valentine's Day is Coming! Best Ideas For Last Minute Gifts

    Bijoux Chocolate Lovers Pen Set

    Time is fast running out for picking up a sexier gift for Valentine's Day (not that your plan to pick up flowers and a chocolate bar at the garage is bad, per se) - though you do have until 4.00 pm TODAY to order and still have it arrive in time. So let me help you out with a fast and furious list of gifts if you haven't been able to choose something.

    For a more romantic evening, I adore the look of the above Bijoux Chocolate Lovers Pen Set. Not only does the feather quill have a gorgeous look to it, but I am also seeing potential to use it as a tickler on its own. Inspiration cards means you don't lose steam after writing your name on your lover's back.

    Along the same romantic lines is this elegant Kama Sutra Weekend Gift Set. I am a long time lover of the Kama Sutra range and I would be over the moon to be gifted with this. The quality is always high and you don't have to worry about putting your lover off with something kitschy or tacky. And honestly, I would pay this price for the Honey Dust alone. I've had it and I can say it is just as silky smooth on the skin and sweetly tasty as you could ever want. The options for how to spend your Valentine's are nearly limitless with this set.

    This one strays a little further into the erotic side of things, but if you're looking for a toy that will work for both of you, you can't do much better than the Synergy Pleasure System Vibrator. It benefits from being non-sex-toy looking, being mains rechargeable, having about a billion different tips and heads, and oscillating rather than vibrating (the sensation is less numbing than a full on vibration for some reason). I've got one of these in my bedside table and I recommend it highly.

    For the more adventurous couple, I present the item that has been Number One on my wish list for some time now - the Sportsheets Deluxe Bondage Bedsheet Kit is just so innovative and sexy. Check out the video for it and see if it doesn't get you completely into it. I think it was the point where the woman flipped the man over that I decided I had to have one. A little pricier, but a great choice for the couple who is ready to invest in long-term sexual good times.

    Most importantly, remember - you don't have to panic yet. You still have time to get out there and order something in time for Valentine's that will give you and your partner a night (and longer) to remember - have a wonderful time, peeps.

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