1. Remote Control Pleasure Panties

    Remote Control Pleasure PantiesThrow your lover a party in her pants this Valentine's Day with some truly orgasmic knickers!

    Ditch the bottle of fizzy cats piss and garage-bought roses; what your girl really wants this Val's day is an orgasm each time she slips into a pair of pants. And boy have we got just the toy to do that…

    Remote Control Pleasure Panties is a genius sex toy that will have your girl writhing in ecstasy within seconds. Absolute perfection for girls who feel a bit exposed when using a normal vibrator on themselves, the Pleasure Panties will do all the work for her.

    The built-in vibrating egg is super powerful and sits inside a snug little pouch within the panties. But the best part is that the vibrating egg is remote controlled, meaning you can make your girl come at the flick of a switch, even when she's in a different room to you. Why not get her to wear them while getting ready for a night out, then you can tease her by activating the vibrating egg every few minutes before letting it run full-throttle.