1. Valentine's Sex Kit

    A Bed Of Roses Deluxe EditionIt's not too late to make this Valentine's Day extra special, so arm yourself with a last minute Sex Kit and make it a night to remember

    A Sex Kit can include anything you want it too, from items that set the mood and set the scene, to sex toys that will get your lover's pulse racing and give them orgasms that are off the chart.

    Kick things off with the basics for creating a sensual atmosphere, like scented candles, silky rose petals and your favourite CD for making out too. A Bed Of Roses Deluxe Edition is the perfect companion for a Valentine's Sex Kit, containing rose scented bubble bath, rose petals, glass massager and candles.

    You should then kick things up a notch by including some mini or travel sex toys. Check out the Superslim Mini Discretion Travel Vibrator, the Mantric DinkyRing Vibrating Cock Ringand a handy selection of lubes such as the WET Flavoured Lubes 8 Pack.

    Why not throw some sex games in there too? 52 Weeks Of Naughty Nights is a sure-fire way to get your love life back on track not just for Valentine's Day, but for every week of the year. Or maybe it's your sex positions you need some help with? In that case, don't forget to include the Pocket Karma Sutra in your Sex Kit and try some out this Valentine's Day.

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