1. Ultra-quiet vibrators

    Silencer Quiet VibratorWant a thrill-giving vibe but scared your housemates might hear you using it? Then try these ever-so discreet vibrators…

    It's a common question we hear a lot at Lovehoney: 'I want a vibrator but I don't want my entire household to know when I'm using it!' And it's a question we have the answer to.

    Even though there's tons of vibrators and massagers available, it's easy to get distracted by pretty colours, fanciful shapes and squidgy materials, rather than testing a vibe's most important feature: volume level. However, we've done the work for you, and have rounded up five of the most discreet vibrators money can buy. As a general rule, vibes made from jelly help muffle the sound from a vibrators motor, as do the smooth plastic ladyfinger type vibrations, and remote control vibes. It's those types of vibes that you will find here.

    So if you long for an orgasm in a box but are too scared you'll wake up the neighbourhood, read on. We should point out one thing though, and that's the fact that no vibrator is 'silent'. You should also bear in mind that if your desire lies in aquatic vibrating fun, make sure that you are alone in your house before you use it in the bath or shower, as all vibrators sound twice as loud when submerged in water. Got it?

    Remote Control Egg
    As quiet as you would hope to expect from a vibrator. That's why thousands of women across the UK spice up their daily trip to the supermarket, work place or gym while wearing a Remote Control Egg.

    Silent Night Vibrator
    Expertly named because of it's ultra-quiet motor, this little beauty can be used late at night when everyone else is tucked up in bed without fear of waking or disturbing anyone. Sleeping will go out the window once you have the Silent Night Vibrator.

    Silencer Quiet Vibrator
    There are vibrators available that have been designed to be especially quiet or silent compared to the noise level of an average vibrator, and the Silencer Quiet Vibrator has been designed to deliver maximum clitoral stimulation without sounding like a jet engine.

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