1. Restaurant sex

    Planning on wining and dining your lover this Valentine's Day? These sexy table tricks will ensure that love is on the menu for you

    Teasing your lover over dinner is always great fun, and it also lets them know what's on the cards when you both get home. We're not talking about sneaking under the table when the waiters back is turned to give your lover a different kind of oral attention – that's only for the brave-hearted and fast living! – but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun.

    Footsie is a great way to pass the time between courses… and to raise your lover's temperature faster than a steaming hot curry. Provided your table has a longer-length table cover, all you need to do is slip off one of your heels (or keep them on if your lover likes a bit of pain!) and slowly run your foot up the inside of his leg and thigh, before trying to rub your toes into his crotch. This is a great way to arouse your lover and let him know your intentions in a naughty way.

    You could also use your food as a sexual prop. If you're in a restaurant where it's acceptable to eat with your fingers (and the food you've ordered can be eaten like that), be overtly sexy when licking your fingers or putting food into your mouth, as though you're letting your partner know what you really want is him in your mouth.

    If you prefer erotic talk to get you in the mood, why not turn the topic of conversation into a meander through your sexual fantasies? This could be a golden opportunity for both of you to talk about what you want to do to each other when you get home, and to also explore each other's horniest thoughts to give you an idea of the new and exciting sex acts you can indulge in.

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