1. A Valentine's Surprise: Jenna Jameson Hot Trimmer

    Bag of Love

    I had a fun night out a couple of nights ago - I went with three friends to a specialist hair salon for a serious round of waxing (no, we didn't all go in together - those not being stripped stayed outside guzzling wine for courage). After joshing each other around and giggling over getting a 'special', it got us thinking about the various… hairstyles we've tried out for our men. I won't go into what I chose in the end, or what I've done in the past, but I will say that one thing the waxer said to me stuck out - it is much much harder to get a fun shape with wax than it is with a trimmer.

    In that spirit, I started to look around for kits that would let you have a little more free rein with what shapes you could achieve, with a WHOLE lot less pain. I love that this Jenna Jameson Hot Trimmer set comes with 10 different, reusable stencils. That pretty much guarantees a year of fun and I love the idea of surprising someone special with a wee heart.

    Not that I can technically do that this year… *cough* But maybe next.