1. How to use a sex toy with your lover for the first time...

    …without offending them or implying their bad in bed!

    You've probably read tons of sex tips about how using sex toys in bed with your partner will improve your sex life, but it's quite a daunting prospect to actually broach the subject with your lover. If they're open-minded and know you use sex toys for masturbation anyway, then you're in better stead than someone who has never used a sex toy or who hasn't told their partner that they use a sex toy for masturbation.

    Either way, you need to be very careful about how you introduce the idea of sex toys into your sexual relationship. The most important thing you need to remember is reassurance. Reassure your partner that you don't want to use sex toys in bed solely because they aren't hitting your orgasmic spot – some lovers have amazing, mind-blowing orgasms whether they have toy-free sex and masturbation or not. Explain to your partner that you merely want to enhance and improve upon your current sex techniques by using specific toys.

    For example, if your lover has great oral technique but it still takes you an age to reach orgasm, you could offer that sometimes it might be nice for him or her to use a mini vibrator on your clit and vagina while they're giving you head. Not only does it guarantee you an orgasm plus the incredible feeling of your lover going down on you, but it gives them a break by not having to work so hard for so long, each and every time they give you head.

    Vibrators are also a perfect companion to your lover's penis for those of you who never come during sex – adopt a Horizontal Spoons position (you both lie on your side, but you have your back to him and he penetrates you from behind) and ask your partner to stimulate your breasts and clitoris with a vibe while having sex. Or you could just as easily pleasure yourself while he penetrates you from behind.

    If your guy is into anal sex, why not try some anal beads or a vibrating butt plug? If he loves the way you give him head, imagine how wild he'd go for you going down on him while sending amazing vibrations through the shaft of his penis and testicles with an external massager? Sex toys can be used to aid and enhance tons of different erotic activities, so don't be embarrassed about asking your lover to give them a try. If he's not into it, we bet he'd still love to watch you pleasure yourself with a toy in front of him!

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