1. Currently Getting Good Reviews: Spartacus Black Dual-Lock Handcuffs

    Bag of Love

    It is surprisingly rare to find good reviews on traditional styled handcuffs. When you buy them as a sex toy, you often get a poorer quality item - they will fit poorly and frequently feel like you could break them by giving them a good tug. Since most of the people who want to feel as though they can get away if they need to (I have my hand up here) tend to stick to Bondage Tape or scarves, that isn't a plus for metal handcuffs.

    So when I see a set getting not one but two 5 star ratings, it is worth noting.

    The Spartacus Black Dual Lock stands out from the rest of the pack with the double lock - that doesn't mean you're really locked down, what it means is that the cuff won't keep getting tighter if you whack it the wrong way against the headboard. Definitely something you'll appreciate if you've gotten pinched in the past. In a sexy glossy black, it definitely has the look of a good time. From the reviews:

    Stylish and solid cuffs. When I first took them out of the box I was surprised at the weight in them and how solid they were, the keys are strong (even the pins you use to activate the second lock.

    The double locking in my view is a must for comfort and safety, the pin once pressed in using the key stops the cuff arms from moving either direction thus preventing them from accidentally tightening and cutting off circulation.

    The edges are smooth and comfortable and feel good on the wrist, giving a real sense of restraint. These cuffs may not be suitable for those experimenting with bondage play that are still unsure as their is no quick release on them but for a BDSM'r these would be perfect for restraining their subs/slaves.

    Even for those who aren't heavily into BDSM, these show a lot of promise for couples who are high on trust and like knowing they can't accidentally get loose - and appreciate the sexiness of a set of cuffs that aren't the traditional, staid silver. They're currently out of stock, so make sure you ask Lovehoney to send you an email when they're back in.