1. Valentine's Day is Coming! Bag of Love

    Bag of Love

    With Valentine's Day, you can go a couple of different ways - if you are part of a couple, you can go romantic with gifts of candy, flowers, and intimate caresses or you can go full-on erotic with fearsome new toys set to test the bounds of your trust in your partner, the strength of your bed frame, and the integrity of your house's wiring system. An interesting idea, though, might be to do… both.

    I'm not normally all that excited about gift sets - they are often stuffed with things that you don't really want so that the shops can bulk it up a little and get rid of the tat that doesn't sell on its own. But I have rather fallen in love with this set from Pipedream. I find it appealing both because it covers such a nice spectrum of naughty and nice toys, and because it really is a deal.

    It includes Bondage Tape, which sells on its own for £5.99 (and which I firmly believe pretty much every couple should have a roll of), and double handfuls of lube, cleaner, and massagers that would easily run you over the asking price - and all before you take into account the adorable little bag that it all comes in that I kind of want for my toiletries when I travel. It walks the line between erotic and romantic and I think it would make an absolutely fabulous Valentine's Day gift.

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