1. Give your lover an erotic massage this Valentine's Day

    Gourmet Chocolate Massage OilStuck for cash but still want to give your lover a night to remember? A sexy massage will hit the spot…

    Even those of you on a limited budget you can still make this Valentine's Day a sexy affair. All you need is some massage oil, such as the Gourmet Chocolate Massage Oil and Kama Sutra Massage Therapy Kit Gift Set, along with some scented candles and your naked lover lying on your bed!

    If you've never given an erotic massage before, follow this step-by-step guide and you'll soon be working your lover like a professional (but ultra naughty) masseuse:

    1. First of all, creating an erotic atmosphere is essential when giving a sensual massage, so make sure you light some scented candles and wear some sexy underwear and scatter rose petals on your bed.

    2. Making sure that your fingernails are both cleaned and filed, start your massage at your lover's head, stimulating his scalp by tracing small, delicate circles over his skin and gently raking your fingernails through his hair, then gently nibble his earlobes and kiss the back of his neck.

    3. Massage in long strokes over and around your lover's chest muscles, then knead your fingers into his pecs while varying the pressure and direction of your movements, taking time to kiss and lick his nipples. The sides of your man's abdomen are also receptive to stimulation, so concentrate on this area with long firm strokes moving from side to side, making your way down towards his tummy and thighs.

    4. Stroke, squeeze and knead your lovers buttocks before ending up at his penis, where you will finish your sensual massage by giving him a mind-blowing hand-job!

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