1. Naked sexercise: erotic positions to keep you looking fit

    Don't buy your lover a year's membership to the gym; indulge in some naked exercise together and you'll both be looking svelte without the unnecessary cost

    There are several different positions you and your lover can adopt to work out your bodies before hitting the sack. So if you want to tone up while worshipping each other's naked forms, try these three saucy moves:

    The body boat
    If you want to work your inner thighs, lower back and abs, sit facing your partner with both of your legs outstretched and both of your backs straight and tall. Spread your legs out into a V, so that your partner can see your naked vagina in all its glory. Your partner should then place his legs inside yours while keeping them closed together.

    You should both stretch your arms out toward each other, then clasp hands. Lean back as your lover leans towards you in a 'row boat' motion, all the while maintaining eye contact and being aware of each other's naked bodies. You should repeat this motion and take it in turns to 'row' back and forth. Be sure to switch your legs around after every set of 15 rows. Do three sets.

    The tantalizing back stretch
    A well-toned back is a major turn-on for men and women, so help each other stay sculpted and strong with this naked back stretch. Lie on your bed with your torso hanging off the bed.

    Ask your lover to straddle your thighs to help keep you in position during the stretch. Raise your torso so that you're horizontal with the bed, hold for a second, then lower yourself back down. Repeat this move 10 times then switch places with your lover.

    The luscious leg lift
    Leave this exercise until last and have penetrative sex while doing it. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet placed on your lover's chest, supporting his body weight as he leans into you.

    As you slowly lower him down, bringing your knees into your chest, he will be able to penetrate you. You should then push him back up to the starting position with your legs. Repeat the move 8 times and on the last one, leave your man inside you and slip into full-on sex.

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