1. Mac v Windows: Who Spends The Most on Sex Toys?

    From 2007's irritating Mitchell and Web Mac adverts to this recent profile of a typical Mac fanboy user from Advertising Age, there's been a lot of hoopla and chin-stroking about the difference between Mac and Windows users.

    Mac users, we are told, are cool and sophisticated. Windows users, well, aren't.

    But here at Lovehoney we've been thinking that there must be more interesting differences between the operating system sexes than that.

    What, for example, does your choice of operating system say about your sex life? Are Mac users having more sex than Windows users? Are they having different kinds of sex? We need to know.

    And know we shall. The Lovehoney Web site received nearly 1 million unique visits in December 2007 and by analysing the site's Web logs and analytics information we can start to answer these vital sex questions.

    So please join us as we lift our analytics skirts in the first of a regular series, and let you take a peak at the sexual differences between Mac and Windows users…

    Mac v Windows 1 - Who spends the most on sex toys?

    To start our research into the sexual differences between Mac and Windows users, let's take a look at some of the most readily available statistics from Google Analytics.

    Who views the most pages on Lovehoney.co.uk?

    One of the most basic pieces of information you can get from Analytics is to see how many pages are viewed by users of different computer types. If you see that viewers of one type of 'puter view a lot fewer pages than another, it might give you a clue that your site don't browse too good on thair maysheene.

    On average, Windows users view 9.61 pages when they come to Lovehoney to buy sex toys (or whatever else it is that tickles their fancy), while Mac users view an average of 8.36 pages. So possibly Windows users are wide-eyed innocents who don't quite know what they're looking for, while sex-savvy Mac users are making more of a bee-line for the rudies.

    Handheld computer users view far fewer pages (3.83 for the PSP, 5.4 for the iPod Touch). That's understandable - they're probably fed up of squinting at the little words on their screens - though the Touch zoomy feature does go a long way towards helping with that. (Bet Touch users love looking at pr0n, too.)

    Down the bottom there is Danger Hiptop a new one on us. Wins the prize for the coolest operating system name hands down.

    Who spends the longest time on Lovehoney.co.uk?

    Time was when "time spent" was a key metric as a measure of portal success because they were all about "stickiness". Not quite so important for e-commerce sites though - as long as you're spending, we don't really mind how long it takes you to do it.

    Who spends the longest time on Lovehoney.co.uk?

    Mac users spend an average of 5 minutes 56 seconds browsing Lovehoney, while Windows users hang around for just 5 minutes 15 seconds on average.

    We've already seen that Windows users view more pages than Mac users, so why are they in such a hurry to get it over with? (We've got a few products that can help with that.)

    And why are Mac users taking so much longer to view fewer pages? And do they smoke a cigarette afterwards?

    Perhaps they're slow readers. Or maybe their palms are getting sweaty and they're wearing gloves so they don't get their keyboards nasty.

    Either way, Mac users aren't afraid to take their time over whatever it is they're doing and that's only to be applauded - buying something to insert in your body (or insert part of your body in) is not a decision that should be rushed.

    Who spends the most money at Lovehoney.co.uk?

    This is the big one. How do all those pages and minutes convert into cold, hard spending?

    Who spends the most money at Lovehoney.co.uk?

    All the extra time that Mac users spend on Lovehoney.co.uk isn't wasted - they're using it to shop. On average, Mac users spend more than £4.48 more than Windows users.

    So not only are Mac Users cooler than Windows users, they're most likely pervier and richer as well.

    Hurrah for them!

    Mac logo - no wonder they're smiling
    So here's the inaugural Lovehoney Mac v Windows score:

    Macs 1 Windows 0

    Congratulations Mac users, you won this time.

    Footnote: But even Mac users are out-done by the near-profligate spending of the (admittedly small) sample of Linux users, who weigh in with an average spend of £48.55. What's all that about?

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    • marta: February 07, 2008 10:54
      Mac users are snobbish (oh yes they are), Windows users are clueless (no question about it) and Linux users... Well, we know what we want and all the money we're not spending in software goes to our fave toys ;)

      As far as I'm concerned, you're my number one (or two) happiness providers!

    • rattus: February 10, 2008 04:45
      Danger is the sidekick OS. Just so you know.
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