1. How to use a condom

    Condomi's Fruit CondomsIf you're planning on having sex for the first time, both you and your partner will need to know how to correctly put on a condom…

    Despite whatever eco-friendly leanings you may have, re-using a condom won't help the environment much and it's a sure-fire way to increase your chances of pregnancy or contracting an STI or bacterial infection. So never re-use a condom!

    The other golden rule you must remember when it comes to safe sex and using a condom, is that you should always put the condom on your partner's penis before penetrative play begins, as early stages of an erection can contain sperm and organisms that can cause STI's, as can vaginal secretions.

    Condoms are a reliable way to protect from STI's and unwanted pregnancy, with many couples choosing to combine the use of a condom with the female contraceptive pill as well.

    There's a wide selection of condoms available that cater to almost every whim, depending on what you want. For example, if you'd like condoms that prolong your partner's erection, choose something like the Durex Pleasuremax or the Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms . If you want flavoured condoms, go for Condomi's Fruit Condoms .

    Once you're stocked up on condoms, here's how you put one on:

    To use a condom, remove it from its foil wrapper by carefully tearing along one side and removing the condom inside. Air trapped inside a condom can cause it to break. To avoid this, squeeze the closed (teat-like) end of your condom between your forefinger and thumb and place the condom over your partner's erect penis, making sure the roll is on the outside. While still squeezing the closed end, use your free hand to roll the condom down the shaft of your partner's penis.

    Make sure that the condom stays in place during sex, and if it rolls up, roll it back into place before continuing. If the condom slips off, dispose of it and apply a new condom before sex continues. After you partner has ejaculated, help him withdraw his penis while still holding the condom firmly in place, then wrap the condom in a tissue and dispose of it in the bin – not down the toilet.

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