1. Make your lover scream this Valentine's Day

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    Everyone needs a boost from time to time to reach that golden climax, so if your girl has been lagging behind in the orgasm stakes lately and hasn't been getting her due share, brew her a love potion she'll never forget and help her reach orgasm.

    For some women, relaxing enough to achieve an orgasm is a task in itself, especially if your lover is nervous in bed, conscious about her performance or simply that she can't get to that orgasmic plateau no matter how hard you both try. The golden rule is to help her relax as much as possible and to keep her breathing regular: when she focuses too much on trying to orgasm, that's exactly when it won't happen.

    If you're planning a sexy night in with your lover this Valentine's Day and would love nothing better than to hear her scream the house down with pleasure, greaten her chances by investing in an orgasm booster oil, gel or cream.

    Containing specially formulated ingredients, cream, gel or oil orgasm boosters are applied directly to your girl's clit to increase make it more receptive to stimulation from you, her own hands or even a sex toy, and the sensation can last anywhere between five and 30 minutes, depending how much you apply.

    So in other words, with an orgasm booster working it's magic coupled with you stimulating her with your fingers or a mini vibe, you'll be on a fast track to making her climax. Why not put some of these orgasm boosters on your Valentine's shopping list: O'My Clitoral Stimulating Gel and Flower Power Lip Balm, which will provide your girl with a sexy, tingly feeling when massaged into her clit.