1. Even Cosmo Wants You to Get the Fancy Toys

    Sinfive Insigno Vibrator

    In Cosmo's article on the Hottest Sex Trends, right up at Number Two was trying out a top notch toy. Wasting no time on cheapo vibrators that you get from shady shops with dust on the counters and a whole rack of inflatable dolls, the surest way to rev up your sex life is to try out a post toy that you'll love using, and possibly sharing.

    "In recent years, sex-toy sites have seen a rapid increase in sales, with chicks being the majority of their clientele. So is it any wonder that adult toys have gone designer? "Style-savvy women weren't satisfied with the cheap, tastelessly packaged vibrators on the market," says Dana B. Myers, the 29-year-old co-founder of bootyparlor.com, an American website that sells posh playthings like the Swarovski crystal-encrusted (they're on the handle) Minx vibrator. "As a result, vibrators have undergone an extreme makeover. There has been a growing trend of 'sexual couture' - fashionable products meant to be played with and admired."

    If you're looking for a high quality toy, I am loving the look of the new Sinfive line - especially the Sinfive Ilo with its innovative cross-shaped tip. You can see all their new models here.

    Really, we're in very real danger of the Germans taking over the quality sex toy industry… not that I'm complaining even a little bit. Who could with those sexy little fleur-de-lis motif on the Insigno?

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