1. Sweeten the Taste with Sweet Release Oral Sex Supplement

    Sweet Release Oral Sex Supplement

    A problem that has plagued countless circles of girly chats for ages has finally shown up over on the Orgasm Army forums - what do you do when your man's come tastes… less than enjoyable?

    "well… when my boyfriend cums in my mouth it tastes foul!!! it's watery and very salty… i cant quite explain the taste but you get my drift….anyway… is it just what he eats that make it taste like that? If so what foods should he eat or any other suggestions? Does any one else have this problem? Thanks x"

    As usual, the soldiers over in the Army had many helpful tips:

    "Cut out beer, dairy, fish and strong tasting foods.

    Make him eat sugar, natural ones like honey and fruit juices.
    And whatever you want it to taste like, make him eat that."

    "Pineapple juice does work! If he's a fan of junk food, get him to cut it out!"

    I would add two final tips - first, men, if you smoke… stop it. Secondly, you can try some of the diet supplements that are made for just this purpose. The Sweet Release Oral Sex Supplement, when used for a few weeks, will make a man's come taste more appley. Which… sounds slightly strange, but will surely be an improvement if he currently tastes like ick.

    And men, take heart - if you're not enjoying the natural taste of your woman, there is a female version of the Sweet Release supplement. Rather than apples, your woman will taste more citrusy. Which, again… is just strange. But might be fun, so worth a go, I think.

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    • Anna: October 16, 2008 14:23
      Does the same go for us girls then? If we want to taste as delicious as possible for our boyfriends, should we eat sweet fruity things like strawberries, kiwi etc??? any suggestions??