1. Can Anyone Help? VibraExciter for Men

    Vibraexciter for Men

    Over on the OrgasmArmy forums, Officer Cadet jezzer is asking for some reviews from any man who has used the VibraExciter - so far, there is only one review from a woman, but he is hoping to hear from the gentlemen before he grabs the companion piece to the original VibraExciter he got for his girlfriend (now that is a guy who plans well for Valentine's Day).

    His question in full:

    I've been waiting for some reviews to come out on this toy, but so far there is only one review and that's been done by a woman, I would prefer to hear from a man's point of view. I've already bought the female version for my g/f ready for FEB 14th,and having the male one would be so good so we can get excited at the same time.

    I don't want to buy it if it's not going to be good, I bought the octopus 2 years ago and I wish I didn't - it hardly got used as it never had enough power to excite. I've thrown it away now, it really wasn't worth the money

    So some men must have got it? I'm told by Lovehoney it's quite popular?

    So if any of you men out there have tried the VibraExciter,do us a favour and write up a review - there are men out there VibraExcite-less waiting on your go-ahead. Joining OrgasmArmy is completely free, so go sign up and have your say.

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    • David: August 29, 2009 15:47
      This is absolutely amazing. I've had a number of different "male vibrators" over the years - and this one is the best ever by far. It is an incredible feeling - it could almost make the wife redundant! What a turn on, difficut not to come just using this on its own. The various settings make this a delight to use and although I've only used it once or twice on the mobile 'phone mode it was quite fun. I think this is excellant value for money.