1. Book of the Month Extract - Longing for Toys

    Longing for Toys by Virginia Crowley

    At last … a book that's tailor made for Lovehoney customers! Other erotic novels may introduce the odd dildo or vibrator for extra colour, but it takes something like Virginia Crowley's Longing for Toys to show just what a quivering jelly they can make of you.

    FRM thought Virginia's last, Corruption, was 'deliciously perverse', while Desire called it 'a rollicking good read'. See what you think by checking out the following extract - Robert has just arranged a stag party for his friend James, and invited a couple of strippers over. Things will never be the same again:

    'Michele glided into the centre of the living room. She raised her voice until it overrode the music. 'Now, Robbie was a good boy and he invited us to do a little show for you.' She put her hand on his neck and scratched him behind one ear. 'You've been a good boy, Robbie.' She smirked. 'The thing is, Becky has been a bad girl, right, Becky?'

    Becky nodded with a strange mixtue of apprehension and eagerness. 'I've been a baaad girl, Michele.'

    'As hall monitor I've been given the job of making sure that Becky learns her lesson. Becky has been teasing the boys.'

    'I've been a little slut, Michele,' sobbed Becky. She put her hands on her tits and pushed them together, massaging them with her hands. Her long, pink fingernails slipped beneath the lonely, bright-gold button, and snapped it off. The flimsy white top peeled right down, exposing her enormous breasts.

    'Oh my God,' said James, echoing John's words. He was sitting on the couch, just a few feet from the incredible artificial wonders.

    Michele heard; she turned her head to face him. 'Just because she is a wet-pussy slut doesn't mean she doesn't have to obey school rules. Becky needs to learn there is a system here at Slut High. If you could just do whatever you wanted, Becky, what would you do to James here?'

    The bleached-blonde stripper strutted over to James. Even with the absurdly high white stilettos on her feet, it was obvious she was exaggerating the swaying motion of her ass. She thrust her chest straight ahead; as she loomed over James, she let her hands fall to her sides, letting her tits fall against his face. His eyes glazed over as she rubbed the huge mounds against his head. She rhythmically smothered James's flushed face.

    The rest of the guys were staring, mouths agape.

    Robert wanted to take out his cock and jerk off but obviously he couldn't, not now; he picked up James's video camera and began to film Becky's sleazy seduction of his friend, for later use in private.

    'Becky is such a slut.' Michele giggled. 'Don't you boys think Becky is a total bimbo whore?'

    'Yeah, she sure is,' agreed Robert fervently.

    'I think Becky likes the groom,' said Michele, bitchy condescension oozing from every word. 'Becky wants his loyal, engaged, hard-working cock to slide in and out of her drenched slut pussy.'

    'No,' protested James, but his voice was muffled by Becky's big tits. 'I can't, Lucy … I won't cheat on Lucy.'

    'We're just playing, James …' cooed Michele. 'After all, slut Becky's pussy is not free. Becky's pretty pink pussy is very expensive.'

    Becky got off James.

    The groom took a shuddering gulp of air as the mounds of flesh left his face. His skin was ruddy red. 'Oh my God,' he gasped.

    Michele picked up the tequila bottle and pressed it in his hand.

    'Go on, have some more,' she urged him. 'Go on!'

    Absently, he nodded and raised the bottle to his lips. He drank but his eyes remained locked on Becky. She began to strip, each motion a seductive, subtle series of movements until she was completely naked, except for those white stiletto heels. She got down on all fours, parting her ass cheeks with her hands. Her pussy was glistening.

    'Your pussy is so wet, Becky,' observed Michele. 'I bet somebody here would give a lot of money to slide their straining hard cock into your pink fuckhole.'

    'Wow,' said James, laughing nervously.

    Scott resurfaced from the kitchen; he was carrying two champagne bottles, freshly popped. 'James and Robert, those are the loaded guys at this party.' He grinned. 'It's your last night as a free man, James, so drink up!'

    Michele turned away from the others. 'Robert is such a good boy,' she cooed. 'I hope James will be a good boy too. Let's all drink to Robert being a good boy!' She pressed a full bottle into his hand.

    James laughed; he drank again. By now his face had turned very red and his eyes kept straying over to Becky's wantonly exposed glistening cunt.

    'You see, James, Becky likes to play with her lollipop to give the teachers a stiffy. Once they get a stiffy they do whatever she tells them.' Michele took an elongated, cone-shaped lollipop out of her kit-bag. 'Are you like one of bimbo Becky's pussy-whipped teachers, James?'

    James laughed and sucked down some more champagne. His eyes remained locked on Becky's pink slit.

    Michele began to tease the big-titted bleached blonde's glistening pussy with the long lollipop. She teased her pussy lips and circled the fleshy knob of her clit with the shiny red tip. 'Bimbo Becky likes it when her pussy gets sticky with yummy candy.' She laughed. 'She makes her tent-popper teachers lick her clean.''

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