1. Your raunchiest weekend ever

    Lover's Choice Strawberry Massage OilEven though Valentine's Day is on a Thursday this year, you can still make the most of it by turning your loved-up celebrations into a long, filthy weekender…

    By all means book the most luxurious hotel you can afford without breaking the bank, but the number one golden rule you should remember is that it has to be in a different town to where you live in order to give you and your partner that much needed feeling of 'escapism'.

    On your first night at the hotel, book you and your partner in for a full body massage to get you in a relaxed mood. If your budget doesn't stretch to a professional massage, why not go DIY and bring some erotic supplies to the hotel with you, so that you and your lover can indulge each other on Valentine's night before getting steamy.

    There'a lots of great massage oils for you to choose from, including the rather yummy Lover's Choice Strawberry Massage Oil, the moisturising Coconut Passion Fruit Massage Oil and the nicely scented Rose Passion Massage Cream.

    You could even order champagne and dessert from room service, making your Valentine's night last well into the weekend with lazy mornings in bed, lots of teasing and fondling and bags of 'together' time.