1. Valentine sex games: edible sex

    Cooking something tasty this Valentine's Day? Then try eating it off your lover!

    We're not suggesting for one second that you dollop a steaming hot Thai curry onto your lover's bare skin – there's nothing remotely erotic about second-degree burns – but you could treat yourselves to some delicious, gooey ice-cream and slices of juicy fruit.

    After your main course, why not retire to the bedroom for desert? Peel each other's clothes off and lightly drizzle ice-cream over each others nipples, tummies, thighs and even your toes before licking it off. You could then take it in turns to lie down and let your partner cover you in strawberries, peaches, mango and grapes before eating and sucking them off. And of course, it's totally up to you where you put the squirty whipped cream…