1. Blindfold sex

    Ultimate Leather BlindfoldIt's surprising how quickly your inhibitions fly out of the window when you're blindfolded during sex…

    Even those who are extremely conscious about the wobbly bits on their bodies or who have issues with their sexual performance seem to relax a tad more when their view is obscured.

    Whether being blindfolded allows us to drift off into a much freer erotic headspace than if we making regular eye contact with our lover, or whether it just makes us feel a bit kinky and more sexually adventurous, blindfolds bring out the naughty side in all of us.

    Slip one on the next time your lover gives you oral sex and vice versa, or slip it on your lover when you're on top riding him, and find out how much sexier it makes you feel. If you want to add a bit of rock chick edge to your blindfold, check out the: Ultimate Leather Blindfold