1. Sex moves for the heavy set lover

    If your man is carrying some extra baggage, here's a move that will minimize his stomach and maximize his penis

    With adult obesity on the rise, gymnastic sex is a fun way toward losing weight (as well as hitting the gym five times a week!) but some positions can be uncomfortable for both you and your man to perform while he's on the more than cuddly side.

    We're not saying it's impossible for heavy set guys to have sex – far from it infact! – but there are some moves you'll have difficulty pulling off until he's built up his stamina a bit more and feels more confident with his body. Yep, guys can often display the same lack of body confidence as us girlies!

    There is one move that's easy to pull off even if you're both overweight, and that's a side-on position as follows:

    Lie on your back with your lover lying to your side, so that he's propped up the left side of his body. Bend and lift up your right leg so that your man can swing his right leg over your left leg, which is still on the bed. He can then easily and comfortably insert his penis into you, while his tummy is tucked away by your side, and yours looks predominantly flat because you're lying straight on your back!

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