1. Washing machine sex

    Feeling dirty? Then shag yourselves clean on top of your trusty Hotpoint!

    Women have long known the quick thrill of an electric toothbrush or those subtle but constant vibrations pumping through to the back seat of a bus. Probably more well-known than either of those two is the saucy buzz of a washing machine on spin cycle.

    To make the most of this 'laundry day' treat, wait until your washing machine is about to kick into its spin dry cycle, then get your man to sit on top of the washer or lean up against it. You can then straddle him if sitting on top, or turn around so that you have your back to him, then bend over and lightly grip your ankles so that he can take you from behind.

    In either position, the spice of having sex while in the middle of chores is naughty enough, but the added high-speed vibrations from the washing machine will make this the best kitchen sex you've ever had.

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