1. Valentine's Day is Coming! B3 Tuyo Massaging Sphere

    B3 Tuyo Massaging Vibrator for Women

    I don't mean to frighten anyone with this newsflash, but it is less than a month until Valentine's Day. Seriously. Now is the time to be making your plans for what gift is going to wow and impress your lover - and possibly get you a little sweet action. Over the next few weeks, I'll present you with some out of the ordinary (no fluffy handcuffs or red tatty lingerie this year, gentlemen!), sure-to-impress gifts. Something that will satisfy both the romantic in you and the more erotically minded…

    No one can see the B3 Tuyo and help but be intrigued. Stylish and unique, this is the sort of gift that you can easily give to someone who is normally turned off by in your face sexual toys - and it is made to be used by couples as well, so you're set up for an enjoyable evening.

    If your partner isn't a pink kind of woman, or if you're getting this for a man, there is a hyper cool all black version that will definitely top the wish list for any erotic geeky. It rather looks like something that should hang out on the deck of the Enterprise for nefarious purposes.

    The Tuyo comes in a satin-lined box, which means even if you're the sort to toss a gift into whatever carrier bag you've got stuffed under your sink, you'll still manage to be presentable. The Tuyo runs on AAA batteries, so if you forget them till the last minute (though - you really shouldn't, seeing as how I'm reminding you right now that you need them), you can pick them up on your way over to the romantic evening you have planned (don't forget to plan the romantic evening!)

    If you like the overall feel of the Tuyo, but are looking for something a little different, you might like the Onye from the same line. Like the Tuyo, it has three speeds and five pulse patterns, with the same gorgeous satin-lined box. It also comes in both black and white/pink. Like so:

    Either one is just the sort of elegantly made gift that will make the classiest of lover well pleased with you. And the more pleased they are with you, the more likely they'll be to share with you. Which… is maybe not technically the point of gift-giving, but it doesn't hurt, does it?

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    • Mathew: August 18, 2009 14:07
      I have just brought one of these for my wife, its amazing how powerful it is, can feel the vibrations all though both of our bodys at times :) Great looking as well. Well worth the cost.