1. How to deal with vaginal dryness

    Liquid Silk LubeVaginal dryness is very common among women and can happen for various reasons, but sex needn't be painful with so many lubes on the market

    The pill, menstruation, stress, childbirth and the menopause are a few of the many reasons why women can experience vaginal dryness – just because you're not wet doesn't mean you don't want sex, right?

    Even though oral sex is the perfect way to get your juices flowing, sometimes it just doesn't happen, and if you're relying on yours or your lover's spit to help your natural wetness along, it won't last for long: saliva dries up quickly when exposed to air and won't leave you feeling comfortable or prepared enough for sex.

    Although there's no substitute for natural wetness, give nature a helping hand with some of these juicy lubes: Liquid Silk Lube, Aquaglide Orignal Lubricant , Pjur Bodyglide Woman Aqua and Tracey Cox Supersex Love Lube.

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