1. Most Promising Newcomer: Fun Factory Silicone Bendy Beads

    Silicone Bendy Beads

    I like variety as much as the next girl, so usually the fact that I had just last week pointed out a great new Fun Factory toy would be enough to guarantee that I wouldn't focus on anything from that line this week, but when I saw the Silicone Bendy Beads, I couldn't resist. Because, seriously… how gorgeous is this?

    With anal beads, there really aren't too many things you can do with the shape - it's pretty much going to just be a string of beads… and that's it. Which is why I think I find this so breathtakingly beautiful - I love the delicate little twirl on the handle and the addition of the elliptical ridges on the beads themselves.

    The first bead is small and they get progressively larger, so this will work for beginners, but it is insertable to eight inches and gets to a diameter of one and a half inches, so it will be enjoyable for more advanced players. It is made out of a high grade silicone, so it will warm to your body temperature, be completely safe, and… um… be dishwasher-safe, if you tend to wash your sex toys in such a way.

    For me, though, I was already sold as soon as I saw the perfect purple shade, the lovely shape, and saw that it comes with a free lube sachet. But then I've made no secret about how easily those Germans convince me to open my wallet…