1. Make Fun New Year's Resolutions, Instead

    10 Nights of Passion Now one thing I did not know is that the divorce rates for January are higher than any other - 50 per cent more, in fact, than any other month. January 7th - TODAY - is the busiest day of the year for matrimonial lawyers, according to the Metro. While most of us are resolving to eat more fruit, or walk more, or finally stop smoking, there are a lot of couples out there resolving to clear their houses out of unwanted spouses.

    "It's believed the stresses of Christmas, the wind-down of work and the desire for a fresh start and a spring clean of useless things just lying around the house (ie partners) are the reasons for this upsurge. Typically, couples with children wait until after the festive season so they can give them one last, happy memory of a perfect-ish Christmas."

    Of course, one of the biggest reasons for people to decide to end a relationship is lack of sex, or what they consider to be a poor quality of sex.

    "More people cite a lack of sex as a leading cause, with one in ten married couples claiming to have no sex at all, according to a survey by legal website www.insidedivorce.com."

    It isn't a silver bullet for all problems, but I am a firm believer that nearly every problem in the world can be solved through better communication and more sex. And if you combine them? Then magic happens. If you've not been paying proper attention to the cracks in your relationship, this might be just the time. There are a million and one fun ways to get to talking and playing with your partner - try in Lovehoney's games section for just a few. I know that for my money, I would much rather go with a naughty night in than pay a lawyer to break up my relationship.

    Here's to making the best possible resolutions this season.

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