1. Penny Pinching January Doesn't Have To Mean No Sex Toys!

    Orgasm Bullet Vibrator Set

    So the holidays are over. We've nursed the hangovers, we've eaten more than an army, and now we brace ourselves for the inevitable… the January bills. Did we really need to buy ALL those presents? Probably not. But we all get caught up like crazed little elves and find ourselves in the same position every year. My grandmother would call it "tightening our belts". My friend, however, summed it up rather more sadly… "the month we can only dream of things like restaurants".

    Luckily, though, that doesn't have to mean no jolly sex toy presents. No, it doesn't! Because if there is one thing you can always get pleasure from (other than just a good vibe) it is a good sale (especially when that good sale focuses on good vibrators). Lovehoney has its Sex Toy of the Day going on, but even better than that is trawling through the sale items for all the things you put off getting this last year. And you can even feel righteous doing it - just look at their original prices!

    Best deals?

    1. Platinum Spice Heavy Metal Vibrator 6.5 Inch Metal finish, powerful, ribbed for pleasure… what more could you ask for? How about a savings of £15.00? I love that this vibe means you can both save money and still get a quality toy. A tapered end makes for a great anal toy, ribbing makes for a great vaginal toy. You can hardly lose.

    2. Orgasm Bullet Vibrator Set You can't help but love all the different attachments on this one. Bullets have a million uses on their own, and giving an extra three sensation-rich additions can't hurt.

    3. G Rock G-Spot Vibrator This is the one that is going on my shopping list - I love toys that are shaped for purpose and this one is made to simultaneously hit your G-spot and your clit… that is hard to beat. Covered in soft touch material and coming with an extra set of batteries, this looks like a great bargain.

    4. Astroglide Gel Thicker Forumla Sometimes, a thin lube just isn't going to get the job done for you. Whether you are wanting to try out anal play or you just know you're in for the long haul with your partner or your toys, a thicker formula might be just the thing. From a trusted name and in a convenient tube, this one's a winner.

    5. Sassy Bendable Dome Butt Plug If you've made a New Year's resolution to try out anal (and really, if you haven't, you should), you can't do much better than this butt plug. It is pliable and soft to the touch, so no need to fear any amateur mistakes. It has a suction cup to hold it in place, but a bit of a spring in the base to let it move with you.

    A new year is a great time to try out new things - especially in the bedroom. Scoop up some cheap toys now to help you figure out what gifts you're going to want to give (and receive) for Valentine's Day. Because you know that once you try one toy, you're going to want more. Isn't that always the way?

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